Friday, March 16, 2012

100th Post! The Next 100?

This is my 100th post on the To Keep Things Whole blog. I've noticed how on many other blogs that such a landmark is often commemorated in various ways: long reflections, particularly on what the author has learned through blogging; a recap of most popular posts; some statistical analysis; plans for the future of the blog.

I'm not going down any of those paths.

Thanks very much for reading. I'm thrilled that I seem to have developed a fairly dedicated audience. The blog has over a thousand page views a month (not giant, but more than I ever expected) and readers all over the world. That's without strategically trying to grow the readership through hot topic and key words and tweets and likes and other social media tricks. I have no problem with those tactics, but I'm happy to just write and hope the message resonates with enough people that they pass it on. Old fashioned, I know. But if you type "to keep things" into Google, the blog comes up, usually on top.Recently is was there when I reached the ke.

Now, 100 posts in, I face a real challenge. I enjoy blogging, but I don't want to repeat myself too much--and I find myself struggling more and more for topics. So help a guy out! What topics would you like to see me ponder?


Dr. Troy P. Roddy said...


As someone with a few hundred blog posts, I too worried about repeating myself also. What I ended up deciding to do was to, frankly, not worry about it and write about topics that I was passionate about. If what develops is a common theme, then so be it. I use my blog to explore ideas, share thoughts, and provide insight to those who choose to visit. Good content is not necessarily new content. Often, reflecting upon and adding a different angle to a previous topic is as important to your audience as reading something about an entirely new topic.

I hope this helps. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to another hundred posts.

Mark Crotty said...

Troy, thanks for reading, for commenting, and for the advice. I agree completely, and it echoes what I told students in my former life as an English teacher.

As an avid blogger, you'll appreciate that part of my motivation in this post is to encourage commenting.