Friday, June 15, 2012

Best Laid Summer Plans

     As a head of school, I never have the summer off in the same way teachers do. (n.b. Teachers often do quite a bit of work in the summer--reworking classes, tweaking lessons, attending workshops, leading summer programs.) But it is a very different pace, and fewer things require immediate attention. This situation makes it a wonderful time to think big thoughts, to reflect, to conjure dreams.
     During those periods of living in my elevated head, I have all sorts of ideas for blog posts. As usual, I keep them in a little notebook (yes, the old fashioned way) and gradually expand on the initial seeds. But will I actually write and then post them in all their imagined glory? After all, it is summer.
     In fact, this post illustrates the conundrum. When I began writing, I could see myself veering off on a riff about summer and how it has changed since I was child, how important that freedom and lack of structure is. But today I just don't feel like going there. More than anything, I feel like starting the weekend early and watching the European Campionship soccer matches.
     All this is a roundabout way of asking readers not to abandon To Keep Things Whole if posting becomes erratic the next couple of months. I hope that quality will make up for lack of quantity. At least, that's the plan.

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