Monday, February 23, 2015

My Reason for Heading to #NAISAC 2015...I Hope

            Two days before the 2015 NAIS Annual Convention, and I'm wondering if I will make it to Boston. Ironically, after the horrendous winter New England has endured, the weather here in Dallas is raising the doubts. After a relatively warm winter, we've had our first ice storm of the season. Just an inch, but that cripples North Texas, and there is no warming expected. This would be the second consecutive year I miss, which would really be a drag, for "annual" is one of my year's highlights.
            The possibility of missing again has me wondering just why I feel that way. Many reasons are obvious: the colleagues, many of whom I see only at this event; the amazing speakers; the sessions; wonderful meals in new restaurants. But there is something deeper than that. We come for affirmation.

            As independent school leaders, we accept the challenge of moving our institutions--indeed, the entire enterprise of education--forward in very exciting, but very uncertain times. As the conference theme calls, we are to "Design the Revolution." In doing so, we have to operate on faith and vision and imagination, all vulnerable to cynical challenges. Annual conference is a time that assures us we may not have all the right answers, but that many of us are asking crucial questions.

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