Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog? What blog? Oh yeah...Summer Blogging

This past Monday felt weird. It was the first time since starting this blog that I didn’t see that box on the calendar as a monstrous deadline, fangs gnashing and drool flying as it snickered at me. Despite my keeping a little notebook of ideas, I always struggle with all the final decisions—from starting point to ultimate point.
But it’s summer. The kids finished school on Friday (strange how it already feels empty without them here), and the urgency of certain things departed with them. Don’t misunderstand. I love the reflection that comes with maintaining this blog, and I still plan to post when I feel inspired. That likely will wax and wane. I probably will try doing some different types of posts. Plus I’m likely to store some posts up for the next school year.
What else will I be doing this summer? Plenty of action items at school; after all, I have a year under my belt and plenty of ideas that we’ve thrown on the table. Two wonderful vacations: San Diego and Boston. Re-establishment of an exercise routine. Lazing and lollygagging. Focused time with family. Some time off the grid (though I’m thinking about a new gadget. iPad?).
So, regular readers and followers, don’t forget about me. Just don’t count on Mondays.

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